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February 6, 2017

AFTER-ACTION REPORT and remembering the day Trump supporters attained riajuu: September 9th 2016

Gobbling up the hand fed chicken tendies, Hillary lectured the attendees at an LGBT Fundraiser: 

"Friends don't let friends vote Trump." 

Normie mindset requires descriptive nouns, and not just rehashed cliches, so her strikeforce creative team wordsmithed  a “basket of deplorables.”  

The media wasn’t sure if Hil had just leveled up or if her 2-up was about to get a bonus stage.

Yes, Hillary called us out as deplorables and WE LOVED IT.


The meta implications, became far more ominous…

Hillary turned Trump Supporters into: THE COOL KIDS, THE IRREDEEMABLES, the new PUNKS on the RIGHT, because being deplorable and offensive has always been a  vector on the scale of cool.  

Every crude, rude Rapper, Rocker,Bad Boy Athlete deplorable enough to drive Sandy into skintight leather pants, lit the marquee over half of Trump’s supporters.

Weren’t Republicans the staid,boring, easily offended, prude follow the rules, and put your grandmother to sleep Charter Club?

Saint Hillary opened her wings to envelope never Trumpers, her list of triggering -phobes primed her halo already reflecting on the easy to Offendables on the left and right, where no humor can survive, and no meme is ever birthed.

We went to the inauguration and saw them… The Deplorable Trump Voters, formerly known as republicans and  conservatives. No longer half, 100% of them rained bravado, shoulders back, puffed chest, swaggering full on Trump style, women, men, young and where’s your wrinkled daddie GOP? wew lads  

Why else would so many republicans sign on to organize and attend  DeploraBall Events?

Across the Country, over  50 public and private events popped up, with Guests  less alt-anything than just formerly known as republicans feeling irredeemably cool.

Watching the live feed on their screens, the protests, marches and riots woke everyone up:

The EASILY OFFENDED New PURITANS, firmly reside on the left.

One single party event featuring possible  alt-light figures, created a frenzy of Nazi-feeders. Spencer, the most deplorable figure in their eyes, was standing outside the National Press Club waiting for the event to end, only to catch a punch that streamed around the earth.

Fun Fact:  More than 98% of  DeploraBall events DID NOT incite riots

Who threw DeploraBall events?  

Some punks held private events, one outside Chicago was semi-open to the public but when the renamed anarchist antifa brigade attempted filtration, they sent them an email announcing the event site had been canceled and moved, with a new last minute address… 

we wonder if they bothered making the trek to the state prison or not?

Yes, punks for Trump is a real thing… notables:

There were large and lavish events, some featured paid talent, others were part of larger conferences, and many of the events were regional inauguration watch parties, open to locals, their family and children. There were events in bars, taverns, restaurants, night clubs, casinos and veterans halls as well as private homes.  

We encouraged event sponsors to raise funds for Veterans associations with the proceeds, and many struck up the cause.

It was most fitting the Hillsborough GOP of Orange County, North Carolina were able to use their newly renovated headquarters for their inauguration event. Their offices were tragically and famously firebombed late into the night on October 15th 2016. They weren’t just hosting an Inaugural party, they were hosting a DeploraBall, confirming publicly they were weren't’ backing down, they were deplorable and proudly staying that way.

The event planners in Arizona, went full on with the theme producing a drink menu listing notable crowd favorites like the Build the Wallbangers, and Snowflake shots:

Our favorite libation: 

The Bernie martini… not a cocktail, you just sip from other peoples glasses who paid for their drinks.

California, the bastion of Hillary’s life support boasted five DeploraBall events, two in Orange County were the largest: Huntington and Newport Beach.  

Organizer Debbie Pauly taunted guests with meme promos: Got Tickets?

The Gays For Trump DeploraBall Gala was a Press darling, organized by the persistent and tireless efforts of Peter Boykin. Their Guest list included Scott Presler a prominent Twitter personality and co-founder of the GFT org, one of their early supporters Robert Antonek, and surprise speeches from attendees. The mystery VIPs included Zdenek Gazda who shot the infamous Hillary collapse at the 9-11 ceremony, the President of Liberland, the Trump Guy Comedian and Pepe, Pepe was never banned.  Buzzfeed had teased the event would end up with a third of the attendees being media: ALL TRUE.  For one thing the organizer Peter Boykin, is not some elite Gay man who could ever be accused of disavowing his roots.  Peter Boykin is America, and his vision and support for Trump was important to document, and we needed the Media to witness this.  They did, and some took a turn on the dance floor, because who can resist a gay dance party?

Not every event was pro-Trump or even republican, a bar in Ohio held a DeploraBall for everyone and a gay bar named The Cock in NYC poked scandalous fun because… the word DeploraBall.

***Footnote on the most controversial of DeploraBall events, which allowed us to harness the chaos and catapult the brand forward.

Driving into the tide of criticism, the formerly alt-rightish MAGA3X Event at the NPC, was mistakenly scrubbed clean of it’s deplorables. Instead catering to an archaic form of Republican no one wants to be.  It’s success and sold-out ticket sales were precisely because we had billed it as the Bad Boy’s of the Internet tribal convention.  On the morning of their second ticket sale, featuring the now higher staggered prices, we emailed our list of over 3,000 subscribers and watched the analytics total almost $40,000 in direct purchases.

The organizers continued to fight aggressively for normie status, creating an entire event with the feel of a business networking function. This was part of our original pitch to MAGA3X, a networking event followed by a riotous party, the latter never materialized.

Instead Pepe and Richard Spencer were silently banned, in beta dad mode. Fearing the Wrath of the online alt-right community, they blamed: the National Press Club.  Then there was the weird juxtaposition of holding the now disinfected event at the NPC, while banning most of the Press from attending. Outside the riots escalated, even without Posobiec inciting anyone with incendiary assassinate Trump chants or Rape Melania signs.  

Instead the speakers lectured the audience on believing fake news .... imagine an incredulous emoji ;)

The Press who did attend, stood through the self congratulatory speeches repurposed to reflect the latest iteration of what a bore this type of establishment Trumpist is. Instead of the cool kids, the event was filled with over 40’s hoping to rub elbows with edgy guests who never appeared. Our favorite speakers were Sheriff Clarke and James O’Keefe, though we would have liked to have heard from millennials Lauren Southern and Cassandra Fairbanks.  

In a bizarre twist of signaling to the globalists, one of the organizers told a story of their family's history with : The Bohemian grove. 

Who saw that one coming? The events potentially most interesting guests Roger Stone and Alex Jones, were mysteriously left outside.

END NOTE:  Hil’s 2-up reached the bonus stage and is the reason any of this happened

Our Team was humbled by the support and excitement these events captured.

We can’t end without naming names.

A special thanks to all the organizers across the country for making  THE BIGGEST MEME irl possible.

Meme magic is real, and while our team remained small, having just finished an election in record speed, the infrastructure and outreach engine had already been built during the six weeks we created and ran the MAG3X backend, with many other unnamed and willingly anon volunteers.

The Warfare Media Team: Josh, Andy, Johnny, Ronan, and Kat worked tirelessly on the creative and systems end for the DeploraBall. The gurus of presentation and event organization were Kai C and Brad C, which included arranging the talented Greg Wilson to entertain the base in California.

No one ever mentions the invisibles helping organize and manage the social media: They are not forgotten!  A special thank you goes out to Arik M. for taking care of the Twitter, and our new friend Robert Waldron who rallied everyone via the facebook groups that had formed, and reposted and shared without ever having to be asked.

While most of the events ran on their own, Peter Boykin and the Gays for Trump DeploraBall Gala, became a project of love for all of us.  We rebranded their event, with a new website and calls to action. Our world class event planner Grace pulled off a beautiful event in mere days, and put others to shame.  We are particularly grateful for the help and special guests brought in by Thibault, his team of volunteers and contacts.

Lastly, we would like to thank the media and press for their coverage of the events and characters.  

Everyone has a perspective and it may not always be shared, but in truth there is perspective, and all of us should be smart enough to read through it.

What’s next?  Our next Quest...
Event page
February 6, 2017
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