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Event page
January 17, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DeploraBall?

DeploraBall is a brand that was born on November 9th 2016 

For more information on the branding team, please check out our recent interview, Here :)

Is there just one DeploraBall?

No, there will be many parties and one formal event with the name DeploraBall.

Why are you holding DeploraBall parties?

To celebrate the election of an outsider candidate, and to take back a negative term by embracing the name!

Are you making money from these parties?

Nope, the concept was  a creative coup, and instead we are hoping everyone who does raise money will choose to donate to a local or national veterans' charity.

Are you involved with the ticketing?

No, each specific listed event is responsible for their own ticketing and invitation systems.

Who can hold a DeploraBall party?

Anyone who signs up Here

We will then add your public or private event to the map

Can I hold a DeploraBall party and print up swag with the DeploraBall name?

Any Promotional Items with the DeploraBall brand name on them, must be pre-approved by the DeploraBall team.  We do not care to be associated with any themes that are not inclusive, or offensive. You are free to use your own organizations name on swag etc. 

Example:  MAGA3X themed merchandise etc.

Hi I'm from the Press, how can I find out more about the DeploraBall events?

It's easy, please go HERE

Event page
January 17, 2017
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Nominate Donald Trump ☑️

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