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Event page
January 17, 2017

or weird questions people submit ;)

Q: What was all the drama on the internet about?

A: Seriously? You expect us to speak 4 the internet?

Our take on the hilarious press regarding an incident we had no part in:

Q: Aren’t you concerned that the media has started calling all of us names?

A: Oh, the shock and the horror.  Is anyone surprised by this?  This is a limited time opportunity, on January 20th, Trump will be their President. The growing number of DeploraBall parties is making it hard to paint any of us with a broad brush. Proof we can celebrate while triggering the media. We didn’t give into the name calling  before the election, so keep trolling them instead.

Q: How has all the negative press coverage affected the DeploraBall?

A: It hasn’t hurt us as a “concept”, it has hurt some of our public relationships. We had chosen a Veterans support group to openly support, and because of the negative publicity surrounding ONE event, we have been asked to remove our association. We are requesting groups to choose a Veterans charity of their own choice, which we will not publicly promote.  We understand the optics, and are saddened by the loss of opportunity to raise money, our site analytics showed  very high click through.

Q: Are you an alt-right group?  

A: I don’t think we qualify as a group. We are a ragtag band of tech savvy creatives and INDIVIDUALS who work on projects together… me the person typing  can’t answer for anyone else I work with, but I don’t think any of them have formed into a group. Plus groups have membership requirements, I’ll defer to Groucho: “ I DON'T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER.”

Q: Some people on the Internet are claiming they’re the true Deplorables, or holding the only official DeploraBall?

A:  lol.. “Some people”  It’s ok, and we hope no one takes offense.  Every DeploraBall party thrown across the country should claim the mantle of being the MOST deplorable.

Q: Why are you guys trying to take credit for recruiting the Troll Army?  

A: Blasphemy…. And nope, “WE” did not.  A few of us actively worked together during the election and enlisted help from others, some of us are meme creators, others programmers, systems and analytics people. Your typical behind the scenes techies, with no social media following… we were volunteers, and we certainly didn’t feel like we were being directed by anyone or an organization. We devised some interesting scripts and crawlers, which we have never shared with anyone else, regardless of who takes credit.

And...WE never conscripted anyone + the Troll Army has NO leader!

Q: Can events ban people from coming to a DeploraBall party?  

A: Hmmm...Tricky. Events using a public ticketing service and publicly promoting them will have a hard time doing so.  I’m not sure how that would work?  If you’re concerned that someone should be banned, you should probably throw a private DeploraBall event.  

Guess what?  The Gala isn't banning anyone!

Q: Does it cost money to have your DeploraBall party Event posted on the website?

A: No silly, that would be scammy. We don’t want your $. If you make money from your event, consider donating some of it to a reputable Veterans charity, that’s all we ask.

Q: Are you making money from these events?

A: See above.   Emphatically: NO  The viral nature is enough of a pat on the back. Thanks to all of you!

Q: Where can we get DeploraBall themed swag?

A: We’ve been contacted by vendors who want to make stuff,  so hold on… we will look into whether we will link to their stuff. We just don’t want to be tagged as making money from this ourselves.

Q: What are you going to do after the Inauguration is over?

A: Sleep… actually someone has already requested to do a Mardi Gras DeploraBall party, and a music production company is looking at doing a Tour with the name, so who knows? But  the name will live on in infamy!

Event page
January 17, 2017
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