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Mitch Miller: Origins of the DeploraBall

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January 14, 2017

Excerpts from Origins: A question & answer sesh with the DeploraBall Creators and Mitch Miller from Opposed Media Co.

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming Origins interview by Mitch Miller of Opposed Media Co.

Before we start, let’s introduce everybody and what they do: 

Johnny: Marketing and Ad set guru

Andy: Data-Dude 

Joshua: Application Architect

Kat: Systems + Scaling

Ronan: Creative Concepts and Meme Magician


I just want to say, every time I mention the DeploraBall concept to people, they get pretty excited, even the left thinks it's a brilliant props for that. But how did this come about, and who are you guys exactly?

Ronan: Well, it’s Nov 9th and we all had been working behind the scenes on the election for the last month. And we just really wanted to celebrate in a big troll-y way. Because of Hillary’s big slip it came to me pretty fast as I was looking up the Inaugural Ball info. So I registered the domain and set up a trademark implementation because I had a gut feeling it was going to register as soon as people heard the name. 
Andy: We all have our own gigs, but collaborate on larger intensive projects that require a special touch through Warfare Media. We also have a wider network and team that worked on the DeploraBall concept as a potential troll-con.
Kat: I work primarily with growth hacking and scaling, though I also dabble a bit in front end web dev with a focus on design. I had been volunteering with the Grassroots MAGA3X team the month before the election, so it was a natural fit to present the DeploraBall concept as a Troll-Con featuring Social Media Influencers to the MAGA3X group. They bought in right away and wanted to take on sponsoring the first event. I built out the website, and we all prepared the marketing materials and investor decks. MAGA3X used what they could given they’re an informal grassroots organization. Even with some challenges, the whole team is managing to pull the event off as a pretty sweet party at the National Press Club. The Twitter Influencers who have a social reach of over 2 million will be hosting the event, and honestly I think they could have sold out a stadium. We are also working with another group who is doing more of a formal DeploraBall, and lot’s of smaller groups around the country who won’t make it to DC but still want to throw their own DeploraBall events. I think that will sufficiently kill the media narrative of what constitutes a DeploraBall. In fact, people in 18 states (and 2 other countries) have already begun organizing their own DeploraBall parties!


You’re actively promoting the Military Warriors Support Foundation, how does that fit?

Ronan: We met them and their programs have an immense impact on returning veterans and Gold Star families. I don’t think we’d want to promote something like an entertainment celebration without having a higher purpose, and we are celebrating the inauguration of a new President. It goes without saying, that the armed forces protect our rights and lives as citizens of a free nation each and every day.


None of you seem what you’d call typical Trump supporters? I’m assuming when you said you worked on the election you were supporting Trump and not Hillary, right?

Johnny: Yeah, the media narrative is crazy, some of us like voted for Bernie during the primaries, and the jump to Trump was pretty natural considering his outsider status. 


What exactly were you guys doing to help the Trump team before Nov 8th?

Kat: Well round about Oct 8th I had been approached to build a website and then manage the social media campaign and outreach for a grassroots group called MAGA3X. There was no way to do what I had planned on my own, especially the stealth aspect of setting up crawlers and narrative flanking messaging towards democrats. So I worked with my team, it’s helpful they’re just as nocturnal as I am. On the surface I also coordinated about 100 Trump supporting flash mobs, some of which occurred overseas. We also stole the left’s Visuals, mounting and distributing Disobey posters featuring Trumps visage in blue cities around the country. 


I bet the Hillary donors wish they hadn’t relied on bad data fed into their AI, or Brock's Correct the Record team.. They should have hired actual analytics people. Are you guys going to continue doing political work on the side?

Joshua: We have actually been contacted by some establishment Republicans and associated groups. I think as with any project we will decide collectively if it fits. It’s less about party than purpose; this, we all agree on. As long as the mission excites us, we can be selective about who we work with as a team and of course - having a personal connection that aligns with your clients means better work.
Andy: I agree with Joshua, it has to have a purpose we want to drive, whether it’s private or public sector. At this point, the smartest candidates running in 2018 will be contacting us. 
Johnny: I love this stuff, and understand ad-sets like no other, so I get pretty excited when I see my clients engagement rates reach peak saturation. I’m probably less linear politically, so it’s all good.
Ronan: haha… I’m less linear period. Strange things go on in my head, but when they pop out they’re magic. I do love seeing #DeploraBall trending.

Statement: Stay tuned fam


an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Opposed Media Co. feature by Mitch Miller

Event page
January 14, 2017
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