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Ronan made this (he-he)

Event page
January 17, 2017

making stuff on the internets... a long play subtweet

Tracking down provenance on the internets is a tricksy task, the trail of mysteries leaves crumbs and eventually someone yells: 

“I made this.”  

Amplification of one’s own voice does not make it so, neither does creating a hashtag. 

HERE ownership as irl is proven through your holdings:Social real estate, urls, email addresses, message streams and shared documents.  Content and promotion fall into the shared spaces where everyone owns this, and we dare you to scream you made it happen by yourself.

That’s why we shared this DeploraBall concept and let people know they were free to use any content we produced.  Cleverly, we’ve been actively pitching the idea and giving it away since November 11th.The other blessing, once something is posted on the internet, bleach bit won’t help prevent cultural death by the deleted tweet, livestream or posting saved in memoriam.

What’s the point?  The more you yell you own this and no one else can use it, the more suspect you become.

When your real estate is dwindled down to a lone Twitter account kidnapped by proxy, and your website is a ticketing sales site, forcing you to release press releases via docs on a google drive, you have failed to make your history stick. At some point soon, someone may ask why you’re going to deliver images via a dropbox instead of using your facebook or website, unless…

You made this?

Well, Ronan made this...

DeploraBall Creator Ronan
Event page
January 17, 2017
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