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There are Nazis everywhere and other light reading [TRIGGER WARNING]…

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January 13, 2017

Pepe approved commentary

Remember that time before Trump was elected, and the media was convinced there were Nazis everywhere? 

Even Bill Maher realized the ultimate “hate” skew could not be revived without a mea culpa on every Republican pre Trump who’d been the designated hate bitch. Post election the American media introduced the face of public Nazism, at the helm stood Richard Spencer. Nevermind the faces of Roman Salutes virally strobing the internet featured two jewish guys and an Asian reality TV celeb, this is about “White people.” 

The media was clearly being TROLLED and clearly missed the point.

But let’s not digress, the media informs us Richard Spencer's branding of Eurocentric Nationalism is hate speech. 

In the words of our hero, Andrew Breitbart: “So?

We’re not members, are you? 

The non sequitur requires a belief: if Spencer shows up at the Inauguration or any event, proximity equals regard. 

Public events are just that, unless you’re arguing attendance is a de facto offer of an official speaking role. Reality bit expectations, when a member of MAGA3X leadership invited Spencer to induce the mayhem. A 'clear headed ' higher up later personally asked him to not attend, and avoid optics the press could magnify. The falsehood blaming the Press Club instead of taking ownership, invoked their PR nightmare. Lies have very short legs...

We are hereby nominating the ensuing hilarity between the sponsors of the DeploraBall party on January 19th, for:  

The Last Great Meme of 2016

And we enjoyed it in real time, as did everyone else on the internets.  The shit show is what makes internet voyeurism and gossip reign.  Irl, organizations often implode and experience the “shuffle,” you’re in, they’re out. Founders of companies are ousted, leaders of nations flee and the social media microcosm is no different. Intrigue and gossip, ruin relationships full stop, and reacting by emoting kills them. But the Ball must go one, and so it shall. If you’ve decided this is all too much and you’re too dainty to attend, good news! You can now resell your ticket on the internet for a premium profit. Best regards,we hope you feel vindicated.

Oh, and thank you media for all the free promo! 

You’ve clearly learned nothing from Trump regarding negative news stories and free ad buys. While you and the internet decide who and what is alt-light and alt-right we are busy planning parties that will celebrate the Inauguration of Donald J Trump, who btw, will be YOUR President on January 20th, 2017 ;)

This has been Pepe approved commentary…

Your friendly, 

#DeploraBall Team ;)

Event page
January 13, 2017
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